Deepak Rao admitted to ISB
Shilpa Mishra admitted to Tepper MBA with scholarship
Shikha Dulani – Admitted to NUS MBA AND Tepper MBA
Tushar Hegde admitted to UCLA MBA
Amit Pratap admitted to Mendoza MBA full scholarship and Emory MBA with high scholarship
Prachi admitted to ISB
Shivangi Bhatia admitted to ISB
Lakshay Wadhwa admitted to MS in Business Analytics

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Ankit Pareek


I spoke with a few consultants and academies before choosing Rahul. Talking to most of them felt like talking to someone who is doing this just as a business and I found some arrogance in their way of talking. Then when I spoke to Rahul, I knew with our first conversation that he would be the right choice. He didn’t make any fake promises/guarantees and told me that he will also work hard with me for my admission. He even provided me with contacts of his ex-students to clear my doubts and to get reviews about him and be fully sure of where I am going with this choice.

A great part of working with Rahul was that he was always available to clear my queries and concerns and was just a text/call away. He really helped me in drafting my essays and then again in refining them. I couldn’t have imagined writing them all by myself with all ends covered. He also helped me with the interview preparation for ISB by having a mock interview and also cleared some of my doubts about behavioral questions. Another great part is that he is very or I would say most economical compared to other consultants and yet so effective!

I applied to only ISB this year and got the admit. So it was a great experience working with him and I am glad that I chose him.


Gayatri Garg

Kellog MBA

Kellogg MBA was a dream that has come true. MBAdream team knows how to position a profile; they engage in discussions of your profile and make suggestions of what to highlight and how to highlight about your profile in order to make winning applications.

Thanks MBAdream team!!!


Abhinav Palash

NYU Stern

Having a good score is not sufficient to get you through to the top B-schools. You need to understand your aspirations, your fit and your stories to form your strategy for the applications. This is where Rahul comes into picture. He asks you the right questions and in answering those questions you start forming your approach to the whole process. Constant encouragement to take risks and get the best that you can is only an added advantage. You won’t go wrong with him.


Ankit Srivastava


ISB was my dream college but a score of 700 and belonging to IT industry had made it quite difficult for me to crack the application process. Rahul,acting as a mentor, took care of my essays and interviews . I got through ISB Co2020. I would recommend him to all the MBA aspirants as he will help you to realize your goals at very affordable prices.


Saaim Khan

Ross MBA

Sirjee (as I love to call Rahul) has been a pillar of support during this strenuous and long journey called the MBA Admission process !!!.. He was a mentor, friend and critic who made sure that all my essays, resume and application material was in its best form. A thorough professional and some ones who genuinely wants you to win. Thanks a lot Sirjee for all the help and it surely wouldn't have been possible without you"


Angshuman Rudra

Cornell MBA

Working with Rahul was easy, he is extremely approachable and constantly motivates. I wanted to look at 1 year programs and I made it to Cornell MBA.


Deepak Rao


Working with Rahul was easy, he is extremely approachable and constantly motivates. I wanted to look at 1 year programs and I made it to Cornell MBA.



I would like to extend my appreciation to Rahul from who helped me throughout my MBA journey, from selecting the best BSchools that matched my requirement to finally getting an admit. He helped me with drafting essays and I was extremely pleased with the final drafts that came out after multiple rounds of editing. Rahul's feedback and suggestions on every aspect of the application

have been particularly helpful as he pointed out even the little details that we generally miss out. One example was his advice to keep my calm and not argue with the interviewer irrespective of how the interview goes. As obvious as it may seem, I reiterated this in my mind before every interview and it helped me immensely in keeping the right attitude for the interview. Now, when I look back at the process, I am extremely pleased with the support that I have received, the feedback and suggestions that helped me draft a strong application which finally got me an admit to my dream business schools. Thanks a lot Rahul and mbadream!!!


Venkat Santosh


I came to know about Rahul from my colleague who got an admit with a 100% Scholarship in US. That was credible enough for me to join MBADream without a second thought and everything went well henceforth. Rahul has mastered the art of showcasing and polishing a persons talent as it is, in a way that makes it a competitive profile for a B-school admit. The key differentiation is you can reach him anytime during the day in case you are stuck. If he is awake, he will answer your call or call back if busy.

Having said that, Am glad to share the happy news of my admits to Tippie College of Business with a 100% Scholarship, SMU COX and Indian School of Business (Class of 2017).

He has been in touch with me and did his best to ensure that I get the right contacts in ISB to excel and get appropriate guidance throughout the course. In short, he has his own network to leverage and he is a person to stay connected with for a life time.

Nakul Kapoor



I contacted Mbadream through a gmat blog, I called them to use free initial consultation hour with little intention of subscribing to the service. I am a consultant through I an express myself best. After talking to MBADream team, I compelled myself to try them with 3 schools packages. To my pleasant surprise, it was a great call. I couldn t have expressed myself so better without their assistance. The team is truly amazing with lot of flexibility and understands the candidate s requirement well. I am ISB now, though I made it to Comell MBA and Darden MBA


Tulika Jaipuriar

ISB, Hyderabad

I d a discussion with many consultants before I came across MBADreams. When I talked to Rahul, I felt very comfortable and became sure that he s the one I ll be going ahead with. ISB Hyderabad was my 1st preference and he placed confidence in me. He boosted my confidence a lot by giving proper reviews on my essays, conducting 3 4 mock interviews etc.

I am really thankful to Rahul for being there during the entire journey

Sanyatan Roy



He has been a wonderful mentor throughout my MBA application journey and motivated me throughout! He was very practical and articulate about what schools to expect based on my overall profile and GMAT score. His advice regarding scholarship potential was just perfect. His timebound essay structuring and subsequent edits played a key role in my almost 100% selection in Indian and US business schools.

I happily recommend him


Jimit Rokadia


I was searching for MBA consultants and I came across MBA dream on After I read great reviews about Rahul I have contacted him even before I took my GMAT. I had only a month to complete my applications after my GMAT and before deadline. I only wanted to apply for my dream school: The University of Chicago Booth school of business. After I started the application process Rahul really helped me taking time to understand my background and help me to focus on my key points in the essay s. Rahul was very quick at getting back with corrections and feedback. MBA dream team has made my dream come true and I recommend MBA dream for everyone to succeed in their admission.

Shekhar Tripathi



NUS was one school on top of my preference list. And getting through has been a dream come true. The MBA Dream team not only knows how to position your profile but is also a constant source of motivation. Rahul holds your hand every step of the way and offers the best guidance. He has shown me the meaning of never giving up even when the times are bad and he was involved in continuously improving my profile for b-schools.

I am very thankful to Rahul for helping me get through NUS Business School. It was truly a blessing that we met and worked together. Go MBADream!!!””


Anupama Gumbher


I came across MBAdream while researching for consultants in India and I am so glad to have selected MBAdream. It was the best investment that I have made to date. Rahul had been very helpful throughout the whole admissions cycle. Right from providing directions towards where I should be thinking to, helping me in shaping my stories, I was able to put my best foot forward with Rahul's advice. I was able to get into UCLA Anderson ($40,000 scholarship), Darden (50% scholarship), and UNC. I am extremely grateful to Rahul for his efforts and I would recommend MBAdream to anyone who wants to get into a B-school of his or her dreams. With MBAdream, one can t go wrong.

Antra Chowdhary

Full Scholarship


When I scored a 760 on GMAT, I was on the top of the world and I was very confident of getting admission into one of the top business schools in the US. However, the more I learnt about the admissions process the less confident I started to feel about my chances of success. That s when I heard about MBAdreams, which was recommended to me by my college seniors.

My experience of working on the applications with Rahul has been phenomenal. The confidence he showed in my profile made me believe that even apart from the score I have a lot to present to the admissions committee that might make them interested in my application. He constantly motivated me and helped me come up with very strong and impressive essays and he made the application process smooth and stress-free. Thanks to the mock interviews with Rahul, I felt extremely confident at the interviews and I was able to put my best foot forward.

Today, I have a full tuition fellowship from UNC Kenan Flagler Business School under my belt and it was only made possible by the excellent mentor I found in Rahul.



Georgiatech MBA
Full Scholarship

Rahul has been a tremendous support throughout the admissions process. His knowledge of the entire process made things super easy. My experience of working with him has been superb. He helped me come up with a strong career goal and assisted me during the entire 6 months I spent with him. I felt extremely confident and motivated working with Rahul.

He helped me achieve a 100% scholarship at Scheller College of Business. Special thanks to Rahul and MBA Dream.




Deep thinker by nature, I had done a lot of research and analysis of various business schools before my GMAT exam and had an exhaustive list prepared with me. Right after my exam, I thought of taking some guidance on application process and then I found the man of the hour- Rahul Arora. First call, he was out of the way casual to talk with and in short gave me a reality check! Rahul not only helped me re-visit my business school targets and their applications but also made me realize that this crucial step in my life-

MBA is not just about running towards the best business school blindly but carefully choosing the optimum option with respect to several facets such as course reputation, finances involved, ROI etc. I learnt that MBA schools application process is actually kind of starter recipe for the bigger management decisions coming in our way ahead. With his encouraging approach and never lay low attitude, I was able to get admits from multiple schools and finally decided to pursue with ISB. In short, if anyone has any kind of doubts regarding business schools and other related procedures,

Rahul is the savior you are looking out for!



I heard about Rahul from a friend of mine who made it into a college of his choice.

From the day I told Rahul my GMAT score till my admission at ISB, he had a clear idea of the path I should take and helped bring out the strengths in my profile. Over the course of my applications, he went through iterations of building my story and it turned out to be an impressive one! Thanks Rahul, for helping me out whenever I was in doubt!


Rahul Singh

ISB, Hyderabad

I came to know about through my research over the internet. Subsequently I read testimonials about Rahul Arora on the website and also got feedback about him from his previous clients. I second their unanimous opinion that Rahul is a very humble guy who works hard with you to build your profile. He delivers the essays on time and also maintains their quality. He builds a rapport with his clients and tries to understand every aspect of their profile so that together they can build a very strong application.

Thanks to his help I was able to get an admit to ISB.

Saksham Chowdhary


As I scored 720 in GMAT, I was really happy, but certainly not on top of the world. Plus, I knew that the success rate of school applications was very low. Personally, I had to study in India only. So based on my work experience, I had only two options, ie. IIM Ahmedabad PGPX & IIM Bangalore EPGP.

One of my friends introduced me to Rahul Sir (MBADream) for taking help for the application process. After working on my applications with help from Rahul sir, I finally submitted my applications for IIM A & B. To my utter happiness, I received interview calls for both institutes, and by God's grace finally, I got admit from both IIM Ahmedabad PGPX & IIM Bangalore EPGP I am really great-full to MBADream(Rahul Sir) for providing me insights into my application Essays/SOP s. He made me view myself like I had never viewed myself ever. His straightforward approach is very insightful, keeps you grounded, and helps to generate real good punches in your essays/SOP s. He is a real great friend in disguise of a consultant and helped me for MBA admissions from Essays till Interviews. I really thank Rahul Sir for guiding me throughout the application process.

Devashish Mishra

Admitted to IIM A & ISB

After scoring 710 in GMAT, I was looking for options in India for executive MBA. My work experience was 11.5 years which was on the higher side. Hence, after some research, I chose MBA dream to help and it helped me immensely. During the essays and profile creation, a lot of time people waste in unnecessary reviews and going back and forth. My consultant, Rahul was clear from the start what college wants and that clarity helped me to prepare in a very short span of time and I ended up converting all 3 colleges for which I applied (IIM-C, IIM-A and ISB).

Naveen Ayyanchira


MBAdream was the perfect mentor that I needed for my MBA journey. Soon after our first interaction I realized that GMAT was only the first step towards my goals and that a fair amount of effort and research is needed to bag an MBA admit. MBAdream helped me in every phase of the process;

from selecting colleges, constructing essays, debunking myths and some of my misconceptions etc. MBAdream played a very crucial role in getting my ISB admit. Thank you MBAdream ...I couldn t have done this without your guidance.

MBA Admits:
Indian School of Business - Hyd
Carlson - $72,000 scholarship
Mendoza - $60,000 scholarship

Please feel free to forward my contact info to your future MBA aspirants, I will make sure to give them an awesome feedback.

Puneet Mehta

Mcgill MBA Canada

If I have to define Rahul s work in short, it is value for money. Initially, I was skeptical about working with Rahul as he works on virtual business model. But, he made sure that he cleared all my doubts and his knowledge about business schools is really good. There was not even a single time that I messaged or called him and he didn t respond. If anyone wants to get some fantastic work done on the applications, Rahul is the best person to work with.

Vikramjit Singh

Sauder MBA

It has been great working with Rahul. I had applied to 5 schools and got interview call from 4 schools. Got admit offer from 2 schools. Being a marine engineer, I had very limited knowledge of the whole application process and also as to how I would make for a right fit into a B school .Rahul aptly guided me through the whole process from picking the schools that would fit my profile to the interview. He customised my application to bring forth my strengths and skills which B schools recognise. His friendly and down to earth approach connected well with me and helped to bring out the best in me. I would like to thank MBA dream for helping me realise my dream of pursuing MBA.

Milan Mahapatra


With Rahul, journey from taking GMAT to getting B-school admit has been really smooth. His guidance and experience gave me confidence and courage in my journey of getting an admit to ISB. The profile evaluation, essay reviews and the involvement

with the application are what stands out about Rahul. I will be part of ISB-Class of 2015 and this could be possible majorly due to Rahul's mentor-ship.

As I write, I have another 4 interviews lined up for US top B-schools. So, I can happily say that associating myself with the Team at MBADream worked wonders for me. Thanks Rahul and Team!

Vishal Suri


Rahul comes across as a very approachable person. He has a great understanding of what a school wants in a candidate and how to tailor his/her experience to it.

I was stuck deciding between US and Indian schools. Rahul guided me through it and I secured an ISB admit. I would recommend Rahul as he is the best 'value for money' consultant out there.


Shreyash Sinha


I joined MBAdream coz of a good recommendation from one of my friends, I applied to 4 top schools with Rahul, and got interview invites from 3 of them (Chicago, Cornell, and ISB). Rahul is very professional, and has a very good understanding of the entire process. I found his way of working very comfortable and thought-provoking. We worked as a team, and were able to deliver very good results.

Coming from engineering background, I was very skeptical about my essay writing skills; the team at MBAdream, especially Megha, did a great job in helping me articulate my points better. Thanks MBAdream for helping me realize my dream!

Hari Anil

Hari AnilKumar

UCLA Anderson
$40,000 Scholarship

I believe that Rahul and the MBAdream team truly brought out the very best in my MBA applications. I have always known that obtaining a good GMAT score is just a quarter of the battle won in the admissions process. Thus, when a colleague of mine recommended MBAdream to me based on his own successful admission, I decided to give it a shot rather than going through the process alone. After having just one conversation with Rahul, I knew right away that MBAdream was the right path for me. Rahul exhibited extreme patience and savvy to get to know my background, in terms of personal, career and extracurricular, in the minutest detail and to then diligently frame my application in the strongest and outstanding way possible. In fact, when Rahul and I were done with our first career and goals essay, I was honestly amazed at how he was able to highlight all the key aspects of my life and construct it seamlessly into a captivating story. He also diligently kept a watchful eye on me throughout the entire admission process, ensuring that he provided me the full support needed during the period. I have to admit that, with Rahul s help, I felt that I was able to submit my strongest possible effort in all of my applications.

All the effort put in by Rahul came to fruition when I gained admission to the UCLA Anderson ($40000 scholarship), UNC Kenan-Flagler ($96000 scholarship), Georgetown Mcdonough ($80000 scholarship) and CMU Tepper MBA programs. Needless to say, I am extremely grateful to Rahul for his efforts and help afforded to me. I would completely recommend him to any aspiring MBA applicant and believe that he would truly make a telling contribution in realizing their MBA dreams.


Animesh Jain


I was looking for a partner who could advise and guide me in my journey to a reputed B-School when I first stuck upon MBAdream through a GMAT blog. Skeptical of working with big names as they lacked personal involvement, I believe I made the perfect choice in MBA Dream to partner my ambition. Working with them kept me motivated and encouraged throughout the application process.They worked on my application as hard as I did. Thanks to MBA Dream for getting me to ISB.


Krishna Vempathi

Rotman MBA's consultation and essay editing is top class. I recommend their services

Prateek Batla

Ross MBA
Undergraduate IIT Delhi

Rahul guided me through the whole process and I got admits from Ross and Tepper. Many thanks to Rahul and his team for the guidance


Rajat Mathur

IIM Bangalore

Always thought GMAT is the only hurdle that I need to clear to make it to my dream B school. However the processes and quality of essays made me realize that I require a consultant who can help me and guide me. I was referred to MBADream by good friend and within first conversation I was able to make out that these are the folks can help me across the application bridge. The amount of brainstorming that I had with their team helped understand my strength and weaknesses and a straight to the point approach further helped me to play on my strengths. The efforts that the team put with me to understand nuances about each school helped me tailor my application, which I believe helped me stand out while competing with other applicants.

I thank MBADream for such an outstanding job and making me realize me dream



ISB 2013

A new day, a new morning, a new beginning. Life at ISB starts today :). Thanks MBAdream


Karun Mittal


Rahul has been such a support from the starting of my application and even before appearing in GMAT. I came to know about his credentials from my college mate.

My first talk with him gave me the confidence that he will guide me through. The same happened!! I called him in the odd hours, his brother like behavior ensured that one gets the best guidance. His commitment level, optimism and expert advices are truly helpful for that continuous effort for applications and finally getting through.

I am very thankful to Rahul for getting me through Ross School, Michigan. God bless him. We struck. Real thanks to mbadream



ISB, as the name suggests, helped me realize my BIG MBA dream. When I started my mba jounry . I had nothing more than a burning to get a top b school. I had many doubts from what are the top b schools, what chances do I stand, what is an SOP, so on and so forth. provided me with the necessary tools to help turn my desire into a reality. Not only were my essays better but it also did wonders to my confidence to have someone guide and push me regarding the choise of schools and application deadlines. The long distance coaching was never a problem as the skype meeting and email communication were scheduled sufficiently. Overall, a good decision to choose Would I recommend it to a friend. Yes!

Shilpa Mishra

Tepper MBA

Thanks for helping me get into top US business school and making my dream come true!!

Bhanu Ramenani

Admitted Chicago GSB Booth, Part Time MBA

I was searching for MBA consultants and I came across MBA dream on After I read great reviews about Rahul I have contacted him even before I took my GMAT. I had only a month to complete my applications after my GMAT and before deadline. I only wanted to apply for my dream school: The University of Chicago Booth school of business. After I started the application process Rahul really helped me taking time to understand my background and help me to focus on my key points in the essay s. Rahul was very quick at getting back with corrections and feedback. MBA dream team has made my dream come true and I recommend MBA dream for everyone to succeed in their admission.

Lakshay Wadhwa

MS in Business Analytics

Rahul has been a tremendous support throughout the admissions process. His knowledge of the entire process made things super easy. My experience of working with him has been superb. He helped me come up with a strong career goal and assisted me during the entire 6 months I spent with him. I felt extremely confident and motivated working with Rahul..

He helped me achieve a 100% scholarship at Scheller College of Business. Special thanks to Rahul and MBA Dream.

Mrinmayee Marathe


I knew I am going to need professional help when I started writing the MBA essays, for it was all about presently crisp and thoughtful essays which will make my application stand out. When I started my research on internet for MBA consultant, I was boggled with a huge list of big names - each claiming to be the best. But after visiting their websites, it was not difficult to gauge that the possibility of personal attention and engagement with my profile was remote with these consultants. It was then I found the site of MBA dream. I liked the simplicity with which everything was presented on the site. After an interaction with Rahul Sir, my application found solace in the hands of MBA Dream Team. He guided me to choose the right schools for me and the complete MBA Dream team helped me express my thoughts, views and careers progress in my essays. His help has played a great part in getting into ISB.

Although each one of us has content, a thought out career plan and small or big achievements; it is crucial to present it in the admission essays without deviating from the theme of the essays. And I believe, that is where MBA Dream has played biggest role and put in 100% value.

Thank you MBA Dream Team.



Emroy MBA

When I first contacted MBAdream, I was clueless about the MBA admission process, MBAdream helped me in identifying my goals, short listing bschools to apply based on my profile, essay and resume editing, interview preparation etc.

MBAdream knows exactly what each bschool expects from its applicants. Megha, who edited my essays, is a wordsmith and can do magic with words.

And the results were obvious . I got accepted to Emory University s Goizueta Business School, which is a brand in US consulting. And while this was not enough. I was also awarded a 60000 USD scholarship. I have got 4 interviews invites till date and more coming in.

All this for a very reasonable price. Probably the best deal you ll ever get.

Please reach out to me if you have any further questions or apprehensions and I ll be happy to help


Ajay Raghudandan

$50,000 Scholarship

I was referred to Rahul by a friend of mine. After graduating from IIT Roorkee, I worked with a power sector company before I embarked on my MBAdream. Working with Rahul I achieved 100% scholarship from Vanderbilt and 50,000 dollars from UNC KF MBA


Simon MBA

After finishing my GMAT and getting a 730 I thought the hard part was over, but little did I know the hard part was about to begin.

Working with Rahul was the best decision I made. Right from school selection he was very receptive of what I wanted but at the same time helped me realise where I had a better fit. The brainstorming done was really helpful in not only crafting crisp essays but also helping me gain clarity of thought for even long term goals. Whenever I was stuck or needed quick advice it was great that I was could pick up the phone and call him at any time.

Nishant Verma

Texas McCombs MBA

Working with Rahul was an amazing experience. I got admits from McCombs and Kenan-Flagler with excellent scholarships from both the schools. Rahul helped me in selecting the schools that were well aligned with my profile and post MBA goals and was always honest and upfront in giving his opinion on my essays. The final version of the applications came out beautifully and I was able to showcase my strengths very effectively. Would recommend Rahul mbadream to anyone who is looking for maximum value from a capable and dedicated team"

Varun Jogi

Texas McCombs MBA

After getting decent GMAT score in 2015, I thought that the battle is over, and I would get into top 11-20ranked B-school with my diverse profile with wide variety of extra-curricular activities. But I was wrong, I hardly got any interview invites for CO2018 even though I took help of couple of admission consultants, but it didn t help me. I was shocked and dishearten. Being re-applicant for CO2019, I had to pour my heart into essays and can t make the same mistakes. I reached out to Rahul and I was impressed in our interaction as he pointed out weaknesses my applications and how I focused on wrong things in my applications. The best thing I liked about him was that he was very transparent from day 1, not like the other consultants who will give diplomatic answers. We started the process by dissecting my old applications of every school where I applied last year.

Rahul was always available not only if I had any doubts but also to motivate & encourage me. We worked together for more than 6months and applied to 10 schools, I got interview invites from most of the schools. He helped me to find out the strengths and draft stories to bring best out of me. He helped me to differentiate myself from my peer applicants and make my stories engaging and interesting.

Finally, after getting admits from 4 5 schools, Rahul helped me to make right decisions. He helped me to connect to current students from respective school. I am really thankful to Rahul for being there during the entire journey. I would highly recommend him to all MBA aspirants without any doubt!! Once again thanks a lot Rahul!!

Varun Jogi | Master of Business

Amit Pratap

Mendoza MBA
Full Scholarship

I believe MBADREAM.IN is the best MBA Admission Service in the best price available. Even with high GMAT Score, I couldn t secure an admit last year in any of the 3 B-schools I applied to. This is when I decided to opt for a professional support. After extensive search, I came across Rahul Sir through various positive reviews on various MBA forums. It may sound cliché but I felt confident of my profile even after my first interaction with him. Still, I contacted few of his earlier students and confirmed my decision to go with MBADREAM.IN. The result so far has been spectacular. I have interviewed for 12 out of 13 US schools in top 33, which I have applied to. I have received admit from two schools with scholarships worth $96000 and $68000 respectively, waitlisted by one school and rejected by one. Still awaiting results from 8 schools. The journey during the application process has been smooth with Rahul Sir by my side. The school selection is as important as drafting an application, and this is where Rahul Sir scores way higher than any other consultant. Building on my unique personal and professional experiences so far, he helped me in paraphrasing my story into a brand and brought various facets of my application which I had never thought about. I could contact him as and when I needed, even had several calls at 1 o clock in the night. His essay proof reading and edit services has been phenomenal and raised my applications to a whole new level. Through a couple of mock interviews, he has made me confident of attending any B School Interview.

Working with Rahul Sir, things which really stands out are his calm demeanor and ability to comprehensibly understand student s real needs and capabilities. The student also needs to be a little proactive himself during this entire time as at the end it s our application and our future. I am in a very comfortable position right now in my MBA application journey and couldn t have been without Rahul Sir s guidance.