Deepak Rao admitted to ISB
Shilpa Mishra admitted to Tepper MBA with scholarship
Shikha Dulani – Admitted to NUS MBA AND Tepper MBA
Tushar Hegde admitted to UCLA MBA
Amit Pratap admitted to Mendoza MBA full scholarship and Emory MBA with high scholarship
Prachi admitted to ISB
Shivangi Bhatia admitted to ISB
Lakshay Wadhwa admitted to MS in Business Analytics

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Founded by one-time MBA aspirants, the philosophy behind MBA Dream is to make the application process as stress-free as possible. Students who are busy tackling entrance tests and loan problems shouldn't have to worry about more expenditure. Which is why, we at MBA Dream believe in True Value pricing for quality services.

So if you are skeptical about admission consultants that overcharge, have a look at our price packages and take advantage of our custom-made plans as well. In fact we're so sure you'll be satisfied that we don't even require you to make full payment

Schools Rupees
6 - 9 schools package Downpayment plan:
Rs. 24,000
12,000 when you sign up
12,000 after completion of one school
6 - 9 schools package Installment Plan:
Rs. 29,000
9000 when you sign up
7000 after completion of one school
10000 after completion of three schools
3000 after completion seven schools
5 schools package Down payment plan
Rs. 21000
10,000 when you sign up
11,000 after completion of one school
5 schools package Installment plan
Rs. 24,000
9000 when you sign up
7000 after completion of one school
8000 after completion of three schools
3 schools package 14000 will be charged

Special requests for one school package could be considered on a case to case basis.

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