Deepak Rao admitted to ISB
Shilpa Mishra admitted to Tepper MBA with scholarship
Shikha Dulani – Admitted to NUS MBA AND Tepper MBA
Tushar Hegde admitted to UCLA MBA
Amit Pratap admitted to Mendoza MBA full scholarship and Emory MBA with high scholarship
Prachi admitted to ISB
Shivangi Bhatia admitted to ISB
Lakshay Wadhwa admitted to MS in Business Analytics
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Over 12 years of experience in MBA admissions consulting to top business schools around the word.

MBAdream students admitted to: ISB, kellogg, Johnson Cornell MBA, Darden MBA, NYU Stern MBA, Tepper MBA, Georgetown MBA, Goizueta Emory MBA, Rotman MBA, Kelley MBA, IIM Bangalore, Richard Ivey MBA, SMU Cox MBA, Washington Foster, Babson MBA, Carlson MBA, ESADE, Purdue Krannert, Melbourne Business School, Queens, Smeal MBA

USC-marshall School of Business

Admitted to Marshall MBA

USC-marshall School of Business

Great service, definitely recommended for MBA aspirants.

I actually started the application process much lately...I had hardly a month s time to start up with my essays. And, I particularly wanted to apply for a varied and wide range of schools in the R1 itself. So, I couldn t empty my pockets for just 3-4 applications. So, I was looking for an affordable MBA consultant with an open mind to help me apply for various schools.

So, eventually, I spoke up with Rahul from MBA Dream, understood the strengths and weaknesses of my story. Things went really quick and within a short span, I was able to finish up my essays and successfully applied for all of the schools I have listed out. Rahul was always a call away, gave open feedback, and worked with me through the tighter deadlines. On top of that, he always helped me to boost up my spirits and supported me to have a positive mindset through the entire process as well.

Glad to mention that, I got through my target schools with a decent scholarship and would definitely recommend Rahul to any of the MBA aspirants.

Admitted to IIM B


Rahul has a great understanding of what top business schools look for in a candidate.

He made me realise what my strengths and weaknesses are and helped me understand post MBA goals in greater clarity. He understood my story and made me understand what in my profile, makes for a good MBA admissions story. He was always available to help edit an essay or take a call about a possible strategic direction. I think Rahul’s biggest USP is that he is easy to communicate with and he was more like a mentor and friend to me during the entire process. I ended up getting the school I wanted and will highly recommend him to anyone looking for support and guidance for MBA applications.

Aman Thakur
Admitted to RICE MBA

Rice MBA

I was exploring professional consultants online immediately after my GRE and had talked to a few. During this process, fortuitously I also talked to one of my seniors on whether I should work with a consultant or not. And that is how I found out about Rahul. Right from the very first conversation I found Rahul to be a very motivating person. I had had my doubts on whether GRE was the right exam to apply for an MBA and whether I should write GMAT instead. Rahul reassured me that the GRE was the right exam and I had scored well enough to receive an admit along with a very generous scholarship from many schools. I had been very wayward in terms of school selection also, to which Rahul came to the rescue and made me apply in schools that I had a fair chance of getting what I was looking for. Once I had started with the process he made me brainstorm myself for framing a story on which I could write good application essays. Rahul had very wisely made me apply in schools that he considered will offer me a decent scholarship along with other benefits such as STEM designation. After getting an interview call in some of them Rahul also held mock interviews and made me feel ready for the interviews. Rahul is a very frank, very intelligent and dedicated guide. His readiness to talk to me and guide me any time of the day was very comforting. Rice was one of the first schools I applied at and it was largely due to the invaluable guidance that Rahul offered me that I finally received an admit from Rice MBA and that too with a very good amount of scholarship. I strongly recommend Rahul to anyone who is either planning on applying for an MBA program at world’s best B Schools.

Admitted to NTU MBA Singapore

NTU MBA Singapore

Pursuing MBA from a top B-school has always been my dream.

Post appearing for GMAT, I spoke to several consultants as I was keen on having a mentor who could guide me throughout my MBA application journey. I must say that with the first conversation itself with Rahul, I was pretty confident that MBAdream was the most ideal one for me.

The best part I liked about Rahul is that he is very approachable, knowledgeable and to the point always. His relentless support and guidance in B-school shortlisting, essays, recommendations and interview prep indeed helped me immensely in securing a final convert at NTU Singapore. I especially was amazed when I read the edited versions of my essays - it seemed like a magic as to how well the same write-up was brought out in the form of a story!

Anuj Sharma
Admitted to Cornell

Johnson University

MBAdream s main consultant, Rahul, is a great guy. He helped short-list the schools wisely. He discouraged me to create my university short-list on the basis of rankings (which was reciprocated later by the MBA grads from top schools I talked to). He tried to understand what I wanted from my MBA and helped me short-list the schools that could benefit me best. He has good insights about all the schools which you cannot find on any website or any other forum. He has some great editors who can refine your essays really well. To top that MBAdream is pretty reasonable in terms of fees and unlike other MBA consultancies does not charge an exorbitant amount.

Admitted to ISB


After talking to numerous consultants, I reached out to MBADream and immediately became comfortable discussing my MBA journey. Unlike most consultants who told me my profile was average and overrepresented, Rahul placed a lot of confidence in me. He helped me decide which colleges to apply to, what stories to highlight in my essays and kept pushing me to meet deadlines throughout this painstaking process. He understood my personal concerns regarding financing and steered me accordingly.

Though I consider myself to be good at writing, the edits and inputs Rahul provided to my essays were invaluable. He conducted mock interviews with me according to interview patterns of different BSchools. He also helped me find relevant contacts in my target schools for networking. I could reach out to him at any hour, whether it was regarding an application doubt or to calm my nerves, and he would respond. It was only with Rahul’s guidance and positive attitude that I was able to put up a wonderful application which not just gained me admits to my desired colleges but amazing scholarships as well.

I have admits from ISB, UNC Kenan Flagler, Darden School of business, Tepper School of business, and IU Kelley.

I am grateful to Rahul for being there throughout this journey and highly recommend him to any MBA aspirant.

Shikha Dulani
Admitted to NUS MBA & Tepper MBA

nus-school tepper

I came across MBADream through online reviews just like this one. Working with Rahul is undoubtedly the best decision of my MBA journey so far. He constantly encourages you to improvise on your essays. He is very honest with his feedback which is a rare quality with consultants these days.

The edits I received just after my first draft took me by surprise. It was the same story told tenfold better. There were so many instances when I got flustered and frustrated by the process but Rahul s ability keep you calm and motivated is extraordinary, which is probably how I made to the finish line with impeccable results.

I now have multiple admits from schools I would ve never dreamt of attending including Carnegie Mellon (40k scholarship) and NUS along with a scheduled interview invite from an Ivy League! I am truly grateful to Rahul and MBA Dream for helping get to a point where I have to choose from the best schools in the world.

Admitted to McGill MBA


My sub par GMAT (690) coupled with PSU background, I always knew I will need someone like Rahul Sir!!! who stands with his students till the end.

In the first round of discussion, he frankly tells you about your chances of conquering a particular B School. He is literally going to sit with you and spoon feed you the contents that you should write in your initial drafts. What I find awesome about him was his time bound structuring of essays with infinite edits, and the end results of my essays was astonishing. You will start as a client but in between you will realize he is more of a friend/ mentor, who is there to drag you out of the dark application tunnel.

With him (in R1) I applied to two 20-25 ranked B schools, five 25-40 ranked B schools and one Canadian school, which also happens to be my dream school. Our conversion rate is 70% with huge and monstrous scholarships.


Puneet Mehta
Admitted to Mcgill MBA Canada


If I have to define Rahul’s work in short, it is value for money. Initially, I was skeptical about working with Rahul as he works on virtual business model. But, he made sure that he cleared all my doubts and his knowledge about business schools is really good. There was not even a single time that I messaged or called him and he didn’t respond. If anyone wants to get some fantastic work done on the applications, Rahul is the best person to work with.


Millions of dollars in scholarships received by MBAdream students


MBAdream Students recieved admits from business schools such as ISB, Rotman, Schulich, Warwick, Manchester, Kellogg, Chicago Booth, UCLA Anderson, Carnegie Mellon, Dardenm Melbourne Business School, AGSM Australia, NUS Singapore, NTU Singapore, Michigan Ross, WHU Germany, IIM A, IIM B, IIM C amongst others ISB, NUS, NTU, HEC, Rotman, Schulich, WHU, ESMT, MBS


Some of the employers of MBAdream Students are Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, McKinsey, Alix, Partners, Deloitte, KPMG, Wallmart eCommerce amongst others

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Post acceptance counselling

Admitted to Tepper MBA


I came in touch with MBA Dream in August, 2021 after I took my GMAT. While evaluating MBA Dream and other people, I looked at various factors such as past results and cost. On both factors, I found Rahul a very good Consultant.

He clearly helped me identify colleges that I should Target in R1 and R2. The strategy quite helped me in planning. The best thing about his service is his editing. Polishing of application while editing actually took application to the different level.

I would recommend MBA Dream, if you are looking for a cost effective consultant.

Gouthami Boinpally
Admitted to Texas McCombs MBA


When I decided to apply for a B-School, I did a lot of research to find a best consultancy for me. During my research, I stumbled upon MBA Dream. This is a package deal where the services are both affordable and have a really high quality.

Rahul from MBA Dream has been extremely pivotal throughout my entire MBA application process. Starting from school selection to getting my story correct, providing insights on my essays, resume, interview preparation, he has done it all. He was always responsive and never hesitated when I wanted to apply for more schools. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is thinking of applying for higher studies. I ve been admitted to 4 schools in Round 1 - ISB, Hyderabad, UT Austin (McCombs), USC Marshall, Simon Business School.

I will be joining a top 20 B-school with a scholarship of $60,000. Thank you Rahul and MBA Dream!!

Admitted to AGSM Australia

AGSM Australia

Right from the colleges shortlisting, essay contemplating, mock interview preparation, scholarship strategy and admission offer from colleges, Rahul not only helped on how to approach these but also provided constructive feed back which helped me a lot to get admit from IIMC, IIML, IIMA(waiting) and AGSM, Sydney(with 50% scholarship). I would wholeheartedly thankful to him to achieve my MBA dream from top notch colleges after having 12+ years of experience. In my view he does not work as a consultant but he works as a mentor and guide at every step with very reasonable price and with his flexible attitude. Once again thanks Rahul for all your help and guidance.!

Admitted to Schulich MBA

Schulich MBA

As soon as I was done with the GMAT , I moved on to the next stage. I already knew that shortlisting colleges, writing perfect essays, and preparing for interviews were not going to be a cakewalk. I was crystal clear that I wanted professional guidance to put my best foot forward in the college application. After a tiresome amount of research, I came across Rahul sir from MBADreams. After my interaction with him, I was convinced to continue with MBAdreams.

Throughout my application process, the following factors really stood out for me:

1. Rahul sir was professional and at the same time was like a big brother who actually cared for my admission into the B-school of my choice.

2. He worked with me on building a story for my essay and helped me at every step. He was highly patient throughout the process and was always ready to help. He worked with me to perfect the essay and only afterI was satisfied with the draft, we finalized any essay.

3. As opposed to many other consultants, he was highly approachable and pragmatic. I would highly recommend MBADream to anyone who needs structured guidance and wise mentorship.

Antra Chowdhary

Antra Chowdhary
Admitted to UNC KF MBA

When I scored a 760 on GMAT, I was on the top of the world and I was very confident of getting admission into one of the top business schools in the US. However, the more I learnt about the admissions process the less confident I started to feel about my chances of success. That’s when I heard about MBAdreams, which was recommended to me by my college seniors.

My experience of working on the applications with Rahul has been phenomenal. The confidence he showed in my profile made me believe that even apart from the score I have a lot to present to the admissions committee that might make them interested in my application. He constantly motivated me and helped me come up with very strong and impressive essays and he made the application process smooth and stress-free. Thanks to the mock interviews with Rahul, I felt extremely confident at the interviews and I was able to put my best foot forward.

Today, I have a full tuition fellowship from UNC Kenan Flagler Business School under my belt and it was only made possible by the excellent mentor I found in Rahul

Shekhar Tripathi

Shekhar Tripathi
Admitted to NUS


NUS was one school on top of my preference list. And getting through has been a dream come true. The MBA Dream team not only knows how to position your profile but is also a constant source of motivation. Rahul holds your hand every step of the way and offers the best guidance. He has shown me the meaning of never giving up even when the times are bad and he was involved in continuously improving my profile for b-schools.

I am very thankful to Rahul for helping me get through NUS Business School. It was truly a blessing that we met and worked together.

Go MBADream!!!

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi Goyal
Admitted to ISB

Rahul has been a great mentor not only when it came to writing B-school applications but also during interview preparation phase. He was able to guide me throughout my application process starting from selecting correct combination of B-school, estimating timelines, drawing out plan, reviewing essays, providing timely feedback and making sure that I am happy with the application before submitting it. He was always available whenever I had any queries regarding my applications and provided invaluable feedback from his professional and personal experience. I can proudly say that I owe part of my successful admit in ISB to Rahul.

Thanks MBAdream for helping me realize my dream!!

Ankit Srivastava

Ankit Srivastava
Admitted to ISB

ISB was my dream college but a score of 700 and belonging to IT industry had made it quite difficult for me to crack the application process. Rahul,acting as a mentor, took care of my essays and interviews . I got through ISB Co2020. I would recommend him to all the MBA aspirants as he will help you to realize your goals at very affordable prices.

Simon Business School

Ajay Kumar
Admitted to Simon MBA

When I reached to Rahul for professional help with my MBA application, I was able to feel the amount of experience he carries in helping applicants in my first interactions itself. He was able to understand my expectations really quick and was able to put my toughts together on the right track. He helped me with wonderful essays which captured the essence of the matter in a crisp manner. Despite of having some personal issues, Rahul worked with me to create concise application within the application deadline. I was able to secure admission in 3 of the 4 schools I worked with Rahul.

Moreover MBAdream is the most affordable and experienced application consultancy I know off.

Warwick MBA

Admitted to Warwick MBA

MBA Dream - As the name says Rahul & his team will make your dream come true. Getting an admission to a decent business school has been my ambition ever since I started working. Having decided to take the Executive MBA route, I initially decided to apply for business school all by myself as I was a little overconfident that it s just a matter of writing essays & attending an interview. However, I was proven wrong when I started to write essays. To express yourself or put all your experience/achievements within a given word count is more difficult than I thought it would be. More importantly, the essays have to be engaging if you want your application to be considered for the next round i.e. interview.

Having said that, I started to look for professional help for my essays as well as interviews. Most of the professional services were charging a bomb for essays, which I wasn t prepared to pay for. That s when I came across MBA dream on Quora with lots of positive reviews about it. After talking to Rahul, I was sure that I am at the right place. I was almost close to the final admission deadline for the Executive MBA at the Warwick University when I approached Rahul. However, he assured me that he can help me with all essays within the timeline. He was kind enough to take my calls at odd times, understand my needs, helped me to put all my thoughts into an essay not worrying about the length. With no pressure of word limit, he allowed me to put everything about myself onto paper.Then, with his amazing expertise, he modified my words into an engaging essay within the given word limit but not leaving out any point. I was amazed by the way the essays were shaped to such an engaging content. He even helped me polish my resume with right format & wording. With all his help, I was able to submit my essays within a time frame. Having worked with him, It seemed to me that he is more interested in achieving your target than the money you pay for it.

Needless to say, I received a call for the interview. Again with his mock interview, he helped me ace. the admission interview with ease. Finally, I was able to achieve my dream of getting admission to Warwick Business School, that too in my very first attempt. Above all, I was able to achieve all with such a professional expertise , with a meagre fee (25% of what other professional services are charging). After getting admission, Rahul was kind enough to help me on my scholarship essay at no extra cost, which reflects his professionalism & values. While my scholarship essay is under consideration, I am sure I will get it as I am confident about the way it was structured by Rahul.

I am thankful that I met Rahul/MBA dream & would strongly recommend it to anyone to whom MBA is a serious aspiration

Admitted to ISB


I am an incoming MBA candidate at Indian School of Business. I got accepted in R1 application round. Post getting my GMAT score in July 21, I started reaching out to MBA admission consultants for help regarding B-School applications. Most of the consulting services either had a very generic approach for all schools or were simply out of my budget. I was looking for a service that d give personal attention to my profile and to the schools I wanted to apply, and will not burn a hole in my pocket!

Rahul, from MBA Dream, fit these requirements perfectly! In the first conversation itself, he gave me confidence about what d work for me and what would be the strengths of my application. He was very realistic about the schools I could get into. He provided a number of sample essays to frame my answers and proof-read them all. This was even done for the LORs. The final results for all responses were quite impressive. Post application submission, Rahul helped me prepare for interviews. He took mock interviews and shared sample interview questions that aided my preparation. Finally, the interview day was a cake walk for me and I d like to thank Rahul for the end result.

If someone is looking for a friendly and detailed consultant, without paying a huge sum, Rahul is the right guy.


Archit Aggarwal

Consulting Rahul from MBA Dream was certainly one of the best decisions I made throughout my MBA journey. My main obstacle was no GMAT/GRE score and hence few of the consultants I spoke with were not willing to entertain my case. However, Rahul was confident about my profile since our very first conversation. After going through my CV, he suggested few B schools in US and we started working on applications. He literally had no limit on number of edits for essays. So we edited the essays as long as we’re satisfied with the quality. Same goes for LORs. In general, his approach is very friendly yet professional and he was always available whenever I needed any help. One more wonderful thing is he was quite flexible with the number of schools we’re applying to. Rahul did help with interview preparation too. Last but not list, his services are quite affordable without compromising on quality. As a result, I have secured one admit (with generous scholarship) so far and waiting for reply from other schools! Thanking Rahul for all the good work…!!

Sharanaya Reddy
Admitted to ISB


I have gone ahead with MBA Dream for my MBA school selection, application and interview process after going through reviews and personal feedback from their students.

Rahul is very focussed, efficient and result oriented from the start. He not only delivers what is promised in the package but goes beyond that in understanding the students issues and helping them if needed. I consider him as one of my mentors throughout my career. I wish him the very best in all future endeavours!


Admitted to RICE MBA

When I started researching the business school admission process, I got overwhelmed and quickly realized that I will be on a lonely and tiresome road without the guidance of an expert. This is when I came across Rahul who comes highly recommended by several other admitted B-school students. I did my background checks and approached him with a little bit of skepticism because until then all my conversations with other potential consultants haven t been so great. After my very first conversation with Rahul, I immediately decided that I am going to go with this guy. His passion and energy were infectious and I went with my gut feeling. I didn t regret this decision even once since then.

As the process progressed, I realized that the role of an admissions consultant has an overlap with that of a therapist, and I feel Rahul would definitely make one heck of a therapist too. Rahul has been a pillar of strength to me in this journey and has continuously supported me in the process. Another thing that you would want in your admissions consultant is that he/she should have your best interests during the entire process and this was the case with Rahul. He always suggested the best possible solution from my perspective even though this solution would have demanded extra man-hours from his side. He is ready to take your calls late in the night and would never make you feel guilty for calling at those hours. He is passionate about helping people to build their dream careers and to get into the business schools of their choice and he is always there for you to give you that extra nudge when you are feeling down.

I would highly recommend his services to whoever is looking for guidance with the business school application process.

Thank you Rahul for your help and guidance in receiving two admits ( MSU Broad with 100% scholarship and Rice University with 65% scholarship) and I am sure we will stay in touch going forward.

Admitted to USC Marshall MBA with full scholarship

USC Marshall

Coming from a purely medical background and also being the first in my family to pursue an MBA abroad, I was really lost early during the application cycle. I had only given my GMAT and was completely unfamiliar with the US admissions procedure. It was then that I came across MBA Dream in the GMAT club forums and decided to give them a try. Rahul sir contacted me the same day I had sent a query though it was a weekend and just that initial talk with him gave me a lot more clarity than I initially had. He is very knowledgeable about the entire process and helped me break it down into smaller tasks. He helped me with selection of schools (since I specifically wanted to specialize in healthcare), getting my story ready, preparing a business school appropriate CV and also conducted mock interviews. The entire process was completely new to me as admissions is completely different in the medical field and Rahul sir supported me out throughout. He was always easily reachable through phone or mail and helped me bring out all the unique aspects of my non-traditional background in the essays. Under his guidance, I applied to 7 top 20 universities in a span of a few months. I interviewed with 5 out of those and secured admits in 4 with full scholarships in 3. Overall, it was a great experience for me and thanks to MBA dream, I will be joining the Full-Time MBA program at USC Marshall this fall. I would strongly recommend MBA Dream for anyone aspiring to enter the top MBA programs.


Admitted to UT DALLAS MSBA

I came to know about MBA Dream from my sister, who got an admit at Carnegie Mellon University. Rahul has been very supportive and confident from the beginning, and the overall process was carried out smoothly without any jerks. His straight forward attitude and realistic understanding made it easy for me to evaluate myself and helped me in making meaningful decisions. Before contacting him, I had connected with other consultants also. Still, the caliber and finesse in his writing tell you why he is so highly regarded and expert in this domain. Other consultants don’t even take the pain to know your background story and interests and would straight away hand over a draft to you. But, Rahul made sure every bit of the essay is relevant and related to my life. He was approachable all the time and provided support whenever required. Other than writing, his knowledge about universities and their specific requirements is incredible. Every essay that he wrote was specifically targeted for that university.

I would be glad to continue my association with him beyond this process, and he is someone you can call a mentor for life.


A new day, a new morning, a new beginning. Life at ISB starts today :).

Thanks MBAdream

ISB 2013

Karun Mittal

Rahul has been such a support from the starting of my application and even before appearing in GMAT. I came to know about his credentials from my college mate.

My first talk with him gave me the confidence that he will guide me through. The same happened!! I called him in the odd hours, his brother like behavior ensured that one gets the best guidance. His commitment level, optimism and expert advices are truly helpful for that continuous effort for applications and finally getting through.

I am very thankful to Rahul for getting me through Ross School, Michigan. God bless him. We struck.

Real thanks to mbadream

Admitted to Ross MSCM

Soumya, as the name suggests, helped me realize my BIG MBA dream. When I started my mba jounry . I had nothing more than a burning to get a top b school. I had many doubts from what are the top b schools, what chances do I stand, what is an SOP, so on and so forth. provided me with the necessary tools to help turn my desire into a reality. Not only were my essays better but it also did wonders to my confidence to have someone guide and push me regarding the choise of schools and application deadlines. The long distance coaching was never a problem as the skype meeting and email communication were scheduled sufficiently. Overall, a good decision to choose Would I recommend it to a friend. Yes!

Admitted to ISB


When I first contacted MBAdream, I was clueless about the MBA admission process, MBAdream helped me in identifying my goals, short listing bschools to apply based on my profile, essay and resume editing, interview preparation etc.

MBAdream knows exactly what each bschool expects from its applicants. Megha, who edited my essays, is a wordsmith and can do magic with words.

And the results were obvious . I got accepted to Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, which is a brand in US consulting. And while this was not enough. I was also awarded a 60000 USD scholarship. I have got 4 interviews invites till date and more coming in.

All this for a very reasonable price. Probably the best deal you’ll ever get.

Please reach out to me if you have any further questions or apprehensions and I’ll be happy to help

Admitted to Emory MBA

Ajay Raghudandan

Ajay Raghudandan

I was referred to Rahul by a friend of mine. After graduating from IIT Roorkee, I worked with a power sector company before I embarked on my MBAdream. Working with Rahul I achieved 100% scholarship from Vanderbilt and 50,000 dollars from UNC KF MBA

Admitted to UNC KF MBA

$50,000 Scholarship

Krishna Vempathi

Krishna Vempathi s consultation and essay editing is top class. I recommend their services

Admitted to Rotman MBA

Nakul Kapoor

Nakul Kapoor

I contacted Mbadream through a gmat blog, I called them to use free initial consultation hour with little intention of subscribing to the service. I am a consultant through I an express myself best. After talking to MBADream team, I compelled myself to try them with 3 schools packages. To my pleasant surprise, it was a great call. I couldn’t have expressed myself so better without their assistance. The team is truly amazing with lot of flexibility and understands the candidate’s requirement well. I am ISB now, though I made it to Comell MBA and Darden MBA

Admitted to ISB PGP

Accepted to Cornell MBA and Darden MBA

Rajat Mathur

Rajat Mathur

Always thought GMAT is the only hurdle that I need to clear to make it to my dream B school. However the processes and quality of essays made me realize that I require a consultant who can help me and guide me. I was referred to MBADream by good friend and within first conversation I was able to make out that these are the folks can help me across the application bridge. The amount of brainstorming that I had with their team helped understand my strength and weaknesses and a straight to the point approach further helped me to play on my strengths. The efforts that the team put with me to understand nuances about each school helped me tailor my application, which I believe helped me stand out while competing with other applicants.

I thank MBADream for such an outstanding job and making me realize me dream

Admitted to ISB PGP

Admitted to IIM Bangalore
Animesh Jain

Animesh Jain

I was looking for a partner who could advise and guide me in my journey to a reputed BSchool when I first stuck upon MBAdream through a GMAT blog. Skeptical of working with big names as they lacked personal involvement, I believe I made the perfect choice in MBA Dream to partner my ambition. Working with them kept me motivated and encouraged throughout the application process.They worked on my application as hard as I did. Thanks to MBA Dream for getting me to ISB.

Admitted to ISB PGP

Naveen Ayyanchira

MBAdream was the perfect mentor that I needed for my MBA journey. Soon after our first interaction I realized that GMAT was only the first step towards my goals and that a fair amount of effort and research is needed to bag an MBA admit. MBAdream helped me in every phase of the process; from selecting colleges, constructing essays, debunking myths and some of my misconceptions etc. MBAdream played a very crucial role in getting my ISB admit.

Thank you MBAdream …I couldn’t have done this without your guidance.

MBA Admits: Indian School of Business - Hyd
Carlson - $72,000 scholarship
Mendoza - $60,000 scholarship

Please feel free to forward my contact info to your future MBA aspirants, I will make sure to give them an awesome feedback

Admitted to ISB PGP

Prateek Batla

Rahul guided me through the whole process and I got admits from Ross and Tepper. Many thanks to Rahul and his team for the guidance

Admitted to Ross MBA

Undergraduate IIT Delhi

Milan Mahapatra

With Rahul, journey from taking GMAT to getting B-school admit has been really smooth. His guidance and experience gave me confidence and courage in my journey of getting an admit to ISB. The profile evaluation, essay reviews and the involvement with the application are what stands out about Rahul. I will be part of ISB-Class of 2015 and this could be possible majorly due to Rahul s mentor-ship.

Admitted to ISB PGP

Vikramjit Singh

It has been great working with Rahul. I had applied to 5 schools and got interview call from 4 schools. Got admit offer from 2 schools. Being a marine engineer, I had very limited knowledge of the whole application process and also as to how I would make for a right fit into a B school .Rahul aptly guided me through the whole process from picking the schools that would fit my profile to the interview. He customised my application to bring forth my strengths and skills which B schools recognise. His friendly and down to earth approach connected well with me and helped to bring out the best in me. I would like to thank MBA dream for helping me realise my dream of pursuing MBA.

Admitted to Sauder MBA