Deepak Rao admitted to ISB
Shilpa Mishra admitted to Tepper MBA with scholarship
Shikha Dulani – Admitted to NUS MBA AND Tepper MBA
Tushar Hegde admitted to UCLA MBA
Amit Pratap admitted to Mendoza MBA full scholarship and Emory MBA with high scholarship
Prachi admitted to ISB
Shivangi Bhatia admitted to ISB
Lakshay Wadhwa admitted to MS in Business Analytics


Subhashree Addi admitted to Texas Mccombs with scholarship

Choosing to work with MBAdream was one of the best decisions that I have made throughout my MBA journey so far. I now have multiple admits from the top 20 US B-schools (with considerable scholarship) and the one of the best B schools in India. "best mba admissions consultants"

Subhashree Addi
admitted to Texas Mccombs with scholarship

Amit Pratap admitted to Mendoza MBA full scholarship and Emory MBA with high scholarship

I believe MBADREAM.IN is the best MBA Admission consultants Service in the best price available. Even with high GMAT Score, I couldn’t secure an admit last year in any of the 3 B-schools I applied to. This is when I decided to opt for a professional support. After extensive search, I came across Rahul Sir through various positive reviews on various MBA forums. It may sound cliché but I felt confident of my profile even after my first interaction with him. Still, I contacted few of his earlier students and confirmed my decision to go with MBADREAM.IN. The result so far has been spectacular. I have interviewed for 12 out of 13 US schools in top 33, which I have applied to. I have received admit from two schools with scholarships worth $96000 and $68000 respectively, waitlisted by one school and rejected by one. Still awaiting results from 8 schools.

The journey during the application process has been smooth with Rahul Sir by my side. The school selection is as important as drafting an application, and this is where Rahul Sir scores way higher than any other consultant. Building on my unique personal and professional experiences so far, he helped me in paraphrasing my story into a brand and brought various facets of my application which I had never thought about. I could contact him as and when I needed, even had several calls at 1’o clock in the night. His essay proof reading and edit services has been phenomenal and raised my applications to a whole new level. Through a couple of mock interviews, he has made me confident of attending any B School Interview.

Working with Rahul Sir, things which really stands out are his calm demeanor and ability to comprehensibly understand student’s real needs and capabilities. The student also needs to be a little proactive himself during this entire time as at the end it’s our application and our future. I am in a very comfortable position right now in my MBA application journey and couldn’t have been without Rahul Sir’s guidance.

Amit Pratap
admitted to Mendoza MBA full scholarship and Emory MBA with high scholarship

Tushar Hegde admitted to UCLA MBA

I had a solid GMAT score, but my years of work experience were less than optimal. That was when I realized that I needed some solid support during my application process if I were to have any chance of getting into a tier-1 university.

I heard about on various MBA forums. After doing my research and getting great reviews from several past clients of the site, I realised Rahul is the man with the plan. There were no second thoughts after that.

Rahul guided me throughout the way, from helping me choose the best fitting schools to prepping for interviews. He made sure that what I drafted was structured in a way that it stood out. It was a very personalized experience. He was also brutally honest wherever required.

Tushar Hegde admitted to UCLA MBA

The team at MBA dream is truly remarkable- from selection of schools to deciding where to join (in case of multiple admits- which you will get), they guided me very objectively and helped me see various perspectives. MBA Dream’s strength is their knowledge of what a particular school looks for in prospective students. They help you filter out those aspects from your profile and present them accordingly. Rahul personally goes through all the essays and makes sure they are perfect.


Indian school of businesses - best mba admissions consultants

I really needed this today to be at ISB, Thanks MBAdream, I am at ISB

Sumit Pokhriyal ISB

Indian school of businesses

My experience with MBAdream in the past few months has been great. I have been working with Rahul, and he is kind of guy who keeps on motivating you to get the best out of you. He keeps me informed of the different collage fairs and info sessions too (helping in app fee waivers too)? With a good gmat score, I had thought my battle was won but Rahul made me work extra hard to get that perfect story made that got me calls from ISB, Tepper and Kenan Flagler. It was a pleasure working with him and I hope he can help many other deserving students, like he did with me.? Best, Prat

Pratyush ISB

Admitted to Emory MBA with $ 60,000 Scholarship

When I started with my international MBA journey, I knew I needed a mentor to guide me to the unknowns and tips and tricks of the trade. I consulted Rahul when I was nearly prepared to for an average MBA institution – but it was with his assistance that I raised the bar for my target schools. Rahul brought with him a complete package – right strategy for MBA, creativity in editing and resourcefulness to connect me to the right people

And the results are much better than I envisioned – 100% interview invitation and huge scholarships from top schools!

Each school and each student profile is different - and Rahul’s team strikes the right chord to make your “MBA dream” come true! Truly deserved name to a remarkable group!

Sonal Singhal

Admitted to Kelley MBA with $ 40,000 in scholarship

The path to a world class MBA is strewn with multiple obstacles. The GMAT is only the beginning. Like any other applicant with an IT profile, I wondered if I stood any chance at some of the best B-schools in the US. One day while browsing through various posts on GmatClub, I can across "mbadream" and that set into motion a very fruitful working relationship with Rahul. The best part about Rahul is that he exactly understands how your story needs to be positioned for it to stand out amongst the competitive Indian pool of applicants and he exactly knows what the admissions committee is looking for. Every time I needed his help he was just an email or whatsapp message away. Also his focus is just not about helping you secure an admit but also ensuring that you are in with a sizable scholarship. Having received mutiple admits with handsome scholarships, I can confidently vouch for Rahul and his team at MBADream.

Srinivasan Venkatesh

Divya Rajpal admitted to Darden MBA with high scholarship

I gave my GMAT in July 2018 and l knew that I would need professional help to get into a good college. This was where my search for a consultant began. Getting into a good college is all about how well you market yourself so I talked to many consultants there but I decided to work with Rahul for a couple of reasons:
1. He has not only helped a lot of people like me get into good colleges but has even managed to get them admitted with scholarships. He has a solid track record and people he has worked with will testify for that.
2. He didn’t push me to work with him rather he gave me the phone numbers of few of his ex-students and every student was very happy and gave a very genuine feedback.
3. The service he provides is value for money and comparatively very less to the other consultancy services.
When I started my journey, I did not know much about the colleges, which college to choose. He first helped me to come up with a list of colleges and we divided them into 3 categories:
Well within reach
Must try
Dream colleges

He very well knows which college is looking for which quality, transform your stories accordingly as per your profile and avoid anything which might make or break a college application.

He gives honest feedbacks and will make you rework on essays time and again to get that perfect application ready for each school. The essay editing service he provides is just wonderful. You will literally be surprised on how he transforms your words into a story that creates an impact. You would think the product came right out of a fairy tale.

Rahul helped me realise that an MBA application is not just about answering the questions but is an opportunity to cherish your accomplishments and to search within yourself to identify your strengths, weakness and values that you believe in. He devised the interview strategy and helped me to prepare for them by taking the mock interviews.

It was the reward of his hard work that I got an interview call from all the colleges that I applied in and now that I have the results in my hand I have got the admit from 4 of the colleges with scholarship and result still awaiting from one. He was always available to help me, answer even the silliest of my questions. There is a personalized touch in his professionalism which you will not get with any other consultant out there in the market.

Thanks Rahul for believing in me and for putting in all the efforts.

Divya Rajpa
admitted to Darden MBA with high scholarship

Admitted to Emory MBA with high scholarship- best mba admissions consultants

I gave my GMAT in August and had very little time to apply in R1 of most of the schools. While I was looking for the right mentor to guide me with my application process, I found out about MBA Dream through one of the blog. After first interaction with Rahul the same evening, I knew he is the right person who can not only help me with this gruesome process but will also provide the honest opinion on weaknesses of my application. From selecting schools most relevant to my profile and goals to providing inputs during essay writing to preparing for mock interviews, Rahul was always available.

Fast forward three months, I got admit from five b-schools – all in top-25 ranking – with scholarship offer of more than 50% from most of the schools.

Thanks Rahul for all your support. It was indeed a pleasure working with you !! I would highly recommend MBA Dream to anyone who needs this sort of guidance.

Hitesh Tanwani

Sumit received 100% scholarship at Vanderbilt MBA

Shubham received $50,000 from Kelley and USC Marshall

If I could find the words right now, I would write paragraphs of praise! Not only did MBA dream help me target schools- it helped me cater strategy and helped me focus and fine tune my application to all the schools individually while minimizing work for me- A quality that not only helped me get into a great school, but also to maintain my career alongside. Kudos to the patience that Rahul has- he stuck through me as I frustrated him with my prose and through my constant badgering- Everyone deserves a guardian Angel like you!  Cheers! :D

Sushrat Sood
Boston University MBA

Amit Choudhary - Admitted to Georgiatech MBA all scholarship

For me, has been instrumental in getting an admit with full scholarship at top-30 US b-school. Rahul !! you are a real gem. Thank you for all the guidance and support.

Amit Choudhary
Admitted to Georgiatech MBA all scholarship

Amit Choudhary - Admitted to Georgiatech MBA all scholarship

MBADream's main consultant, Rahul, is a great guy. He helped short-list the schools wisely. He discouraged me to create my university short-list on the basis of rankings (which was reciprocated later by the MBA grads from top schools I talked to). He tried to understand what I wanted from my MBA and helped me short-list the schools that could benefit me best. He has good insights about all the schools which you cannot find on any website or any other forum. He has some great editors who can refine your essays really well. To top that MBA Dream is pretty reasonable in terms of fees and unlike other MBA consultancies does not charge an exorbitant amount. 


Admitted to Georgiatech and Texas Mccombs

Right from the Start Rahul has worked on making the whole process much more applicant friendly. He has helped me reach out to a couple of current students who got admitted to their dream schools and this helped me immensely to gain better understanding of different MBA programs. His Bschool selection based on the candidates profile and career interests is also bang on!!!! From my personal experience I learned that it is extremely important to carve out a very strong story on the basis of profile and Rahul is the best person one can rely on for this. His essay edits are fantastic as well. All in all I was interviewed by 6 schools out of the 8 I applied and I ended up with three very good admits with scholarship and 3 waitlists and I can attest to it that Rahul has been extremely helpful throughout from the networking and school shortlist to interview prep!!! 

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