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The Great Application Adventure

Want to go abroad for an MBA? Dreaming of a top B-school? The application process can be one big adventure. And the results depend on how far you stretch your imagination. Just a little bit of practical thinking can convert a less-than-600 GMAT score into your ticket to a good B-school!

 Doubts and Questions

With second-hand knowledge of education systems abroad and a not-too-great GMAT result, you will be plagued by many questions and doubts. And most admission consultants will only offer assembly line solutions to your unique problem.

About meMBADream has been started by a group of MBAs who had to face similar situations without any help.  Which is why, we focus on understanding your unique profile and giving you customized action plans choosing and entering the ideal B-school.

Here are some of the questions that we help you answer:

  • Is a B-school important for my specific career path?
  • Which MBA program caters to my individual learning needs?
  • Do I fit the student profile of my dream school?
  • Is it the right time for me to do an MBA?
  • What is a good school for me if my financial health and GMAT scores aren’t that great?

Before and After B-school

Most admission consultants focus on getting you through a B-school. What they forget to tell you is that life after an MBA isn’t that easy either! As international economies experience volatility, employment opportunities become hard to come by. But nothing is impossible. All you need for that dream job post-MBA is the right approach to job applications and work exposure. This is where we come in.

Like we said, MBADream is made of young professionals who, just like you, have not only been through tough admission processes  but have also survived demanding MBA programs abroad (across UK, USA and Singapore), and acquired rich work experience in a foreign environment. Let us show you how to make an eye-catching CV, ace interviews and above all, know the right people who can help you.



The MBADream team comprises MBAs who have studied and worked in USA, UK and Singapore. Unlike other admission consultants, they have actually faced and surmounted the challenges that lie ahead of you. With us, you will get an insider’s perspective on program selection and recruitment processes; and you will learn how to make the most of your MBA abroad with little tips and tricks that go a long way. 

When it comes to essay submissions, you will be in the able hands of writers who focus on the content as much as they do on language. Simply because, a truly good essay is not just a bunch of well-written English; it is also a tactical way of positioning your candidature in the right light.

Above all, the focus of MBADream is on providing you ethical, value-for-money services. We understand that you are going to invest $70,000 – $100,000 in an MBA program and that it needs to get you good returns. Why not try us with one free consultation and essay edit to see how we mean Business when we say B-school.

MBAdream students admitted to:
ISB, kellogg, Johnson Cornell MBA, Darden MBA, NYU Stern MBA, Tepper MBA, Georgetown MBA, Goizueta Emory MBA, Rotman MBA, Kelley MBA, IIM Bangalore, Richard Ivey MBA, SMU Cox MBA, Washington Foster, Babson MBA, Carlson MBA, ESADE, Purdue Krannert, Melbourne Business School, Queens, Smeal MBA