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My journey through MBA Admissions process has been of great personal revelations. It is the kind of grueling process which without proper guidance, can literally burn people out. But working with Rahul, not only helped me enjoy the process but also helped me find myself - what I wanted to do, what I really wanted to be. And this is not just a one step process but a long test of patience and hard work and which requires lot of expert guidance which no other person can do it better than Rahul. I got admits from Broad, Carlson and UNC Kenan-Flagler with a 100% scholarship from Broad and Carlson. Choosing MBADream has been a life changing decision for me.



Shashank admitted to Mendoza MBA


If you visit the homepage of Mba Dream, alongside a bunch of testimonials, you will also see what aspects of application process they assist you with (all aspects to be fair). Since I had applied last year to a few schools without a consultant, I had a fair idea about the application process and what my weaknesses were. However, I was still not sure what qualities in my profile stood out and that is where Rahul came into picture. The biggest contribution that he made in not only my application process but also my professional life was he helped me identify the USP. From helping me with minor stuff such as identifying the right theme for the presentation to major stuff such as critiquing the stories that would suit my profile the best, he was available to consult seven days a week.


The other notable area in which he made a substantial improvement in my applications was my B school essays. On that note, I would also like to thank the team of editors he works with. I was specifically impressed with how they were able to modify my essays from above average to outstanding despite working under tight deadlines.To be honest, if it weren't for Rahul I wouldn't have considered applying to Mendoza because I was stuck at some specific schools (which probably weren't a fit for my profile). To get the best out of MBA dream, you need to pitch your own ideas to Rahul and must be ready to give your 100% during the application process. He is especially good at getting you through with a scholarship to the top 30 US B schools.


Testimonial from Deviprasad admitted to Boston University MBA

After receiving a series of disheartening dings from all the business schools that I applied in the early 2016, I heard about Rahul through one of my friends who successfully received a full tuition scholarship from Broad under his guidance. During our first conversation itself, Rahul identified the weaknesses in my profile and asked me to holistically strengthen my profile from every possible direction. He meticulously focused on understanding my profile and highlighted my strengths in a way which the admission committee loves to look in an applicant. He ensured to leverage my candidature such that I have not only secured admits at my dream schools but also received significant scholarships from them.    

Lastly, I would be very thankful to him for the support he provided me personally during my hard times and throughout my application process such that I received multiple admits today with huge scholarships.



Received Full scholarship from Boston University 


Naveen admitted to ISB Hyderabad and Top US business schools

MBAdream was the perfect mentor that I needed for my MBA journey. Soon after our first interaction I realized that GMAT was only the first step towards my goals and that a fair amount of effort and research is needed to bag an MBA admit. MBAdream helped me in every phase of the process; from selecting colleges, constructing essays, debunking myths and some of my misconceptions etc. MBAdream played a very crucial role in getting my ISB admit.

Thank you MBAdream …I couldn’t have done this without your guidance.

MBA Admits:

ISB - Hyd

Carlson - $72,000 scholarship

Mendoza - $60,000 scholarship



Please feel free to forward my contact info to your future MBA aspirants, I will make sure to give them an awesome feedback.


Thanks and regards,

Naveen Ayyanchira.


Kunal Rustogi- admited to IIM C 1 year program


In my case, Rahul has indeed turned out be a complete game-changer. I had applied to a lot of schools last year but not managed to clear even one when working with another consultant. I contacted MBA-Dream this year and got to know Rahul who is very friendly and easy going. He knows inside out about what works in US B-Schools and helped me highlight those portions of my story in my essays. If I look at the real difference between this year and last year, its definitely the essays and they came out much much better this year thanks to Rahul. Largely because of his efforts, I have an admit from Tippie this year with full scholarship and a couple of other admits as well.


Kunal Rustogi- admited to IIM C 1 year program


Pramod admitted to many universities in USA

University of Arizona - Eller College of Management - Accepted with 80% scholarship with Graduate Assistant-ship 

Northeastern University - D'amore Mckim School - Accepted with 100% scholarship and paid internship as part of corporate residency program.

Syracuse University - Whitman College of management-  Accepted with 100% scholarship.

Rutgers University - Accepted with $4000 Dean's excellence award.


Purdue University - Krannert School of Management-  Wait listed with interview

Temple university- Fox School of Business Rejected after interview


I am planning to go ahead with NEU. Thanks a lot for all the support and aid through out the process.


Please find my testimonial below,


I attribute my recent admits to University of Arizona with 80% scholarship, Northeastern University and Syracuse University with 100% scholarships and Rutgers University to MBA dream's exceptional guidance and support.

Rahul has been a great aid throughout the process including  essay editing service and  is a top-notch.  The edits were comprehensive and remarkable and so my essays came together much quicker and eloquent than I could have imagined. Interview invite rate was 100% with acceptance rate 80%. Though the process was stressful at times, Rahul was helpful in providing the right resources and leads to move ahead.


Thank you for all the valuable support and help in completing my application process. I would highly recommend MBADream's services to all the MBA aspirants.



Pramod Gopalakrishna


Ankit received high scholarship

Rahul has been instrumental in the whole admission process. He is always approachable and has constantly motivated me. He has been an excellent mentor to me. The awesome review he provided on my essays and resume allowed me to score Interviews with 13 universities. He helped me in interacting with present students and also in getting application waiver from multiple colleges. Due to his help I was able to secure an admission offer from both George Washington University and SMU Cox with scholarships of 80000 and 60000 dollars respectively. 


Vasu recieved full scholarship in several top 40 US business schools

My friend referred me to rahul and my journey started off with a call in July15. I have applied on my own for fall 16 intake and could manage some admits but thought to give a hard try again. Getting my application reviewed from friends, family and from the feedbacks of adcoms where I was rejected, I learnt that presentation was the weak link in my application. 


This time, i still remember the talk I had with rahul and zeroed on him for two good reasons. First, he was frank and clear enough on what he gonna add to my application and i believed that would make my application complete. He did not promise any miracles( But apparently, one happened to me). Second, having exhausted all my funds, I could not afford much. This time my journey was smooth as I had some one to suggest, guide and review at each step of my application. Rahul guided me right from choice of school to what story to put in the essay and helped me to sail through interviews smoothly(his mock interviews were very helpful). With the same profile I managed to get interview calls from all the universities(higher ranked than I applied earlier) and got admitted everywhere. Coming to the miracle, i was selected as a fellow student at smith. Funding all my tuition expenses and in addition a GA worth 18000 usd. In short, iys a free ride to america and my ROI started already. With a mediocore GMAT and mediocore acads, i could reach there. Everyone of us are equally good and I believe, the only differentiating factor that the adcoms use is the way you project yourself and rahul exactly knows where to and how to make you fit to particular school. He is available to extend help anytime, easily reachable, very friendly and perfectly professional.Having said this, i strongly recommend anyone to mbadream and rahul. I also take this opportunity to thank him. Rahul, you really got me very close to my goals and helped me achieve something which i never dreamt of. Thank you Rahul.



Armaan Ghai - Admitted to several MS in Business Analytics programs


I first got in touch with Rahul when I was preparing for my GMAT. I stumbled upon MBA Dreams while searching on the web for consultants and MBA had very positive reviews across all forums. I called Rahul to discuss about my career plans and he suggested calling him after I had taken my GMAT. About 2 months later, I contacted Rahul again, after taking my GMAT.

I wanted to pursue an MBA with a concentration in Business Analytics. Rahul asked me about my profile and suggested to consider an MS in Business Analytics, instead of an MBA as my profile would suit better for an MS program. Trusting Rahul’s suggestion, I chalked up a list of schools fit for my profile and prioritised them accordingly. Next step was the application process.  Rahul and his team worked wonders to help me on my SOP and other relevant essays in the application process. We decided to apply to my top priority schools first, in their initial rounds. I received an interview call from one of them and Rahul helped me in the interview process as well. He took mock interviews and suggested some improvements, and also helped me to keep calm for the interview. A few days later, I received an admit from the school and also got an interview invite from another school. A couple of weeks later, I received an admit from the second school as well. 2 schools applied, 2 admits. After the admits, I planned to apply to even higher schools, which I shortlisted with the help of Rahul. Fast-forwarding to 3 months, I had received an admit and would be enrolling at my top priority school, with some scholarship money as well.

I think it’s safe to say that Rahul and his team played a crucial role in my Business School Journey.

P.S. Rahul acted like an elder brother throughout the process. he was very humble during my interaction with him.



Testimonial - Saayan Ghosh Admitted to several Top 50 ranked American schools with scholarship


I got Rahul's contact from one of my seniors. Rahul helped me present myself in the most befitting manner by guiding me through all aspects of my application. His availability and his approach to the whole process was the difference between him and the other consultants/institutes. His selection of colleges according to the profile and GMAT score is apt and helped me attain 80% scholarship in one of the best universities in US. 

His guidance and his constant motivations helped me ease through this long and tedious process of applying and giving interviews to US colleges. I'm very thankful to Rahul for all the support he has provided me and helping me achieve my MBA dream!

MBAdream students admitted to:
ISB, kellogg, Johnson Cornell MBA, Darden MBA, NYU Stern MBA, Tepper MBA, Georgetown MBA, Goizueta Emory MBA, Rotman MBA, Kelley MBA, IIM Bangalore, Richard Ivey MBA, SMU Cox MBA, Washington Foster, Babson MBA, Carlson MBA, ESADE, Purdue Krannert, Melbourne Business School, Queens, Smeal MBA